Randy Credico was investigated by Mueller. We went with him to get a haircut.

The Mueller investigation into Russian collusion took many strange twists and turns, but one of the strangest is Roger Stone pointing his finger at political satirist Randy Credico and claiming Randy was the conduit between Stone and WikiLeaks — a claim he's repeatedly denied. According to Mueller’s indictment of Stone, when Credico refused to change his testimony, Stone threatened to kidnap his beloved support dog, Bianca.

Credico now has an unlikely walk-on part in one of the highest-profile federal investigations in history. Although Mueller has filed his report and Attorney General William Barr says there will be no new indictments, the House Judiciary Committee continues to investigate, with its chair, Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.), subpoenaing 81 people for documents, including Credico.

”I'm not talking now, going forward, about anything that had to do with 2016 and Russia-gate. That doesn't define me,” Credico told VICE News.

VICE News met up with Credico — and Bianca — to see what their lives are like now.

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